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An agile process that allows small order quantities

The textile digital printing is unbeatable regarding the rapid response in the creation or the production of single pieces and small order quantities, providing customized fabric pieces, eliminating product stocks.

For designers, working with digital textile princting means they get to spend their time on design and creation, providing greater freedom of experimentation, virtually with no barriers to pattern design, since the amount of colors and the possibility of details is infinite, and repetition modules are not required. With digital textile printing, it is possible to use photographic pictures, allowing the use of filters and effects that are not achieved with the conventional screen printing

And all this with a soft touch and virtually no impact on the environment, not only by the absence of effluents but also the non existance of frames and their metallic constituents.

Direct-to-garment printing is a technique similar to traditional screen printing but does not involve the use of multiple screens or the performance of the emulsion process. The ink is applied through a high definition printer that allows better results, without the limitations of traditional printing, at a record production time.

Our printer is undoubtedly the best machine when it comes to DTG or direct-to-garment on fabric of any color. You get high-definition results and a high-quality print full of contrasts, detail and shadows.

This revolutionary technique can be used not only in clothing, but in any other textile product. A "textile product" can be a wall mounted banner a flag, a carpet ou rug, a curtain, room divider, bed cover and so much more.

Do you remember those "transfer" prints with a hard, plasticized touch and zero resistance to use and washing? Never again!

The digitally printed fabric retains the original texture, touch and malleability, which gives it a superior quality as well as a high resistance to your washing machine. This feature also results in a textile print that does not break down over time, nor does it melt when ironing.

Try and create with our digital textile printing

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  • Digital textile printing
  • Colour sampling and adjusting
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  • Design and illustration

To achieve the best possible result, please send us your design in JPG, TIFF, PDF or vector format with outlined fonts and transparent background.