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A family business, a focused textile partner


Magenta, Textile Printing is a company that works in the textile sector, from Portugal to the World, providing direct-to-garmet digital printing services. We have a specialized team, composed of elements with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, offering our clients excellence in services rendered. Magenta is undoubtedly a key and essential partner to create your collections and pieces.

Digital textile printing or direct digital printing is a technique similar to traditional or conventional printing but does not involve the use of multiple screens or the performance of the emulsion process. The ink is applied through a high definition printer that allows better results, without the limitations of traditional screen printing, at a record time of production.

Our printer is, without doubt, the best machine on the market when it comes to direct-to-garment or direct printing. You get high-definition results and a high-quality print full of contrasts, detail and shadows.


Manuela Neves
Manuela Neves
Founder, Sales Director

Founder and Sales Director, manages the entire portfolio of clients. A relevant ally in the development of your textile projects or collections.

Her career in the textile area is vast: she holds a Phd. in Textile Engineering, focused on Textile Design. She taught and supervised doctorates and masters at Minho University, in the design, structures, properties of knits and fabrics area. Plus, she published books and articles in the most relevant textile magazines.

Jorge Neves
Jorge Neves
Founder, General Manager

Founder and General Manager, Jorge has the important task to manage people, costs and long lasting partnerships.

He has a wide range of skills, and began his career obtaining a PhD in Textile Engineering, in the Textile Chemistry area. He lectured and directed doctorates and Masters degrees at the Minho University, in the area of printing, dyeing and textile finishing, publishing books and articles in the most relevant textile magazines.

Gustavo Neves
Gustavo Neves
Production Manager

With a background in Technology Management, Gustavo took over production management and he's very "hands on".

Responsible for all the digital printing process and, due to its high attention to detail, controls the quality of textile prints.
Due to its technical personality, he easily absorbs all that innovations in design computer tools.

Liliana Matos
Liliana Matos
Digital Marketer

Focused on markets, leads and clicks, Liliana is responsible for all content and manages the company's Digital Marketing.

With a background in Marketing and courses in the digital area, she embraced project in the textile sector helping on the development of textile collections, design management and product management in the furniture sector. Great skills in image editing and graphic design creation.

Helder Cervantes
Helder Cervantes

Hélder, the Designer. Professional focused on improving images, is responsible for color tuning and artwork.

With a background in multimedia, he specializes in web and brand design, also programming, with more than 15 years of experience in all areas of digital creativity. Art director and researcher, with extensive knowledge in a wide range of tools and technologies.